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It started innocently enough when the news came out that the X-Files was getting another shot at telling us about the truth that is out there, waiting. Then, the Heroes franchise gets another chance at fixing what went wrong the first time around with their Heroes Reborn 13-episode television event.

From that point on, it's been a seemingly endless stream of announcement after announcement of one decades old show or another, making a come back. Fuller House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Xena Warrior Princess, Coach... all being redone or rebooted; use whichever phrase tickles your fancy. But I can't help but cringe with each one of these old/new shows coming back to TV, and ask WHY?!

Where's the Original Programming?

The television landscape has been a bit drab the last few years as it is, with most of the big networks pumping out cop/medical/law dramas by the dozen. I mean really, how many CSI or NCIS's are there now? Couple that all these revivals and reality shows, I have to say, I am worried. Are there no original ideas out in LaLa land? Has the well of inspiration run dry? Honestly, I am a bit surprised that there hasn't been a reality show developed to find the next best TV Pilot Script Writer!

Even on the big screen, the sequels and reboots seen never ending. Ghostbusters, Annie, Point Break, Mad Max, RoboCop... and that's just a few that have either already been released or are slated to be made and released in the next five years. On top of that, the upcoming releases of movies based on comic books seems to really be dominating the theaters as well.

Television Rebooted: Why Mess with a Good Thing?

I suppose I just don't understand the reasoning behind remaking a TV show that has already aired. Let's take the latest news about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, for instance...

As a kid, I loved that show. Will Smith was hilarious, as was his extended Beverly Hills family. I danced the Carlton, I mocked Hillary Bank's swanky pompous attitude, and yes, even mustered up a few tears here and there. But that show can be found in reruns just about everywhere! Why reboot it? Why try to recapture the magic that was there the first time around?

Why? Because the clothes look outdated? Or the music or hairstyles are a bit rough? Who cares! I think it's much better left as it is, to give this new generation of TV watchers an inkling as to what was on our screens growing up - the lack of HDMI quality, shoulder pads, and hair so stiff with Aqua Net it could actually cut your hand!

I can almost see why you would continue a popular series, especially when it is done on a limited run like the X-Files. They are not remaking the series, but giving us a continuation of a story of two beloved characters that we (X-Philes) have thought about since they went away more than 12 years ago. However, if they were to start over with a NEW Mulder and Scully, I would have to rebel against that, and hard.

Is This Trend Here to Stay?

I can't help but wonder if we will see reboots of now popular shows, when my kids are grown with their own families. Who will be Rick Grimes in a reboot of The Walking Dead, or which fresh-faced kid will play the murderous and evil Joffrey in a Game of Thrones remake? The thought of either just makes me cringe.

I am completely on board for story continuations... Ash vs. the Evil Dead is going to be bloody terrific, and yes, even the Heroes: Reborn is enough to pique my interest because the first time around it got butchered and bogged down in poor scheduling, heavy writing, and pure lack of direction. But I can't get behind remaking a show for the sake of a new generation just because they can.

Will Smith will always be the Fresh Prince... even if it his own son cast in the role (pure speculation, but c'mon, y'all are thinking it too). I may not have been a fan of Xena, but I know people who were and they are not happy about this news.

Is there nothing sacred left in Hollywood or is every series and movie a candidate for a redo? Will this somewhat sad trend ever stop or is this the new face of entertainment: recycling old ideas with a new twist or cast that will never capture the same brilliance as its predecessor?

I hope not. I know many writers, here on Moviepilot alone, that have scripts burning holes in their computers waiting to get noticed. But the question is, when will TPTB realize that? When will they start to look beyond the past and into the future of original programming?

What reboots are you looking forward to if any? Which ones just make you cringe with horror? Sound off below or create your own article about it!


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