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Jack Carr,this makes me very sad. I joined SL in early 2003 as a beta tester and creator. In the last 12 years I have watched a virtual world evolve, grow, and flourish in every aspect. People, joining from every reach of the world. I have made strong friendships with people all over the world, sitting in Skype with Japan, Germany, South America ( I live in the US),I love to travel and hope to meet them for real someday ( some I have gotten to meet already and am blessed by it). Creativity, skills surfacing and creating an environment that is unique and breathtakingly beautiful. When I joined SL, I knew a bit of Photoshop and a lower end 3D rendering program, since then my skill level has increased immensely, I know Photoshop well now and have been learning Maya. Friends and I enjoy live music, Art galleries, creating amazing environments, playing cards together, exploring and for me, using my artistic skills. I view SL as an incredible world full of creativity, interesting people, challenges and fun! Every sort of Roleplay, love history or the far off future? immerse yourself in Sci Fi, Steampunk Victorian, Medieval Kingdoms, Iconic TV and Movie themes, The Old West, you name it! Yes there is sex, yes there is kink, but honestly, it's a very small part of what SL is really about. Please don't be a journalist that only goes for the sensational and seamy side of things, use your talent for educational use. As Euridice mentioned, SL is a place where those in RL that have limitations can spread their wings and fly...LITERALLY, WE CAN FLY! Take time and really experience SL, I would be happy to show you around and help you grasp the real side of it. Please do not just focus on the sex , strippers, whatever, it's insulting and childish, come see the real SL!


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