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I watch movies from time to time.
Hugo Patino-Cano

Paul Blarp: Mall Blarp is directed by....Who gives a shit really, no one involved in the project cared. Well anyway, it stars Kevin James and two stars from the Disney Channel (David Henry, and the girl that I don't know the name of).

Here's the best thing I could say about this movie; I did not want to shoot myself while watching it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it's also not very good. Now I have to be honest, I loved the first Paul Blart: Mall Cop. But then I was 9 when I watched it, so you could say it's more of a guilty pleasure. Still not the best movie. But the first Paul Blart had better writing, better character development, and had better visuals, so that should tell you how this is.

I'm not mad about this or anything, I'm really indifferent towards this movie. It has like a 10% on RottenTomatoes, I don't think most people hated it, I'm pretty sure the critics were just like "Meh, whatever."

I mean it's short, feels an hour long. It's a big product placement thing with the hotel. I mean whatever. It has flat boring cinematography, actors that don't give a shit and barely any heart. If the people who made this didn't give a shit, why should I?


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