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"Boy, have we got a vacation for you...where nothing can go wrong!"

You might have seen HBO release a trailer, an obscure trailer for their year-ender series Westworld. A lot of you might not be aware, that Westworld on HBO is a remake of the 1973 classic film of the same name starring Yul Brynner.

Written and Directed by Michael Crichton, who went on to write a little novel about dinosaurs being used in amusement parks. It was called Jurassic Park, I believe.

This film in many ways, is Jurassic Park before it was Jurassic Park. It takes place in the future, a high tech world, in which these massive life like amusement parks exist. There are three parks.

  • Medieval World
  • Roman World
  • Westworld

Yul Brynner, our main character plays the showpiece of Westworld. He's an android. He's known as the gunslinger, a robot pre-programmed to begin gunfights with the audience. The park attendees are issued special guns to destroy the gunslinger.

Well, one day the gunslinger malfunctions, after a virus attack, and pretty much starts doing his job a little too well. He hunts down the park visitors.

A sculpture of Brynner's character.
A sculpture of Brynner's character.

It's a massively underrated film, as well as a film which was miles ahead of it's time. Right up there with Fantastic Voyage (1966), The Face of Another(1966), Seconds (1966), The Terminator (1984) and Logan's Run (1976).

All those films apart from Terminator, for some reason haven't found love in pop culture. Hopefully this new HBO series will change that opinion for Westworld.

The cast for the new series.
The cast for the new series.

HBO aren't messing around with this project. I mean look at that powerhouse cast. Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Thandie Newton, just to name a few.

Not only is the cast brilliant, but so is the creative team. The program is created by Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams. Now, if that doesn't make you cream in your pants, just a little bit, you might want to go get yourself checked.

J.J. Abrams has yet to do anything which is utterly trash, his weakest film to me was Super 8 (2011) which still had some high points. Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan's brother, writes alongside his brother, and keeps himself busy with his own TV projects, such as Person of Interest.

A pretty gnarly show.
A pretty gnarly show.

Now, why am I excited for Westworld? Apart from that fantastic cast?
I'm a sci-fi nerd/junkie. Westworld was truly ahead of it's time, it was the very first film to use Digital Image Processing, to show the point of view of an android as pixellated moving images. That went on to be perfected in the Terminator films of course.

Also, I'm a huge fan of the Western genre, any media that pertains to that genre, I actively try to watch, read or listen to more than once. My thesis at film school was a Western zombie flick. Combine the Western film genre with any other genre, you'll get a fantastic storyline. Westworld is proof of that.

Wow, excuse my overuse of the word 'West.'

Anywho, people, thanks for reading. Share this piece if you enjoyed it, and remember to love yourselves.



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