ByMegan Hancock, writer at

So, the vampire diaries left us on a cliffhanger. The end of season 6 left us with Elena in a magical sleep, until Bonnie dies. Seems sort of like sleeping beauty in a way.

It also left us on what seemed to be a time jump with Matt as sheriff and Damon stood on the clock tower, looking over the town.

In Season 7, I hope to see some Bamon sort of relationship. I know some people will object and say Bamon will never happen, but seriously?

I also hope they will find a way to bring Elena back. I'm not the biggest fan of Elena and I know without her the show will be able to focus more on the other characters but I hope they will bring her back before the show ends.

And probably like most people, I want Steroline to happen. I mean, I remember in the first episode of Season 1 when Stefan said," Caroline, me and you we are never gonna happen." Or something along those lines, but over the last couple of seasons they have bonded in a special way.

These are just some of the things that I hope happen before the end of the show.


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