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i love star wars and batman

Marvel has had significant ratings over D.C over the past few years. This is due for movies such has the avengers but Marvel movies are terrible (except for guardians of the Galaxy ) Marvel movies have the same basic structure of of unwinnable problem but everything ends up peachy with the same jokes. In marvel the characters are one dimensional with a dumb down back story. The movies only exists for money and stupid bangs and action sequence never mind everything leads to the avengers.

In D.C its the exact opposite they are dark realistic and have complex and noticeable villains and shows how the world would react if a man in tights saved them . D.C has a rang of hopeful to batman. Were they know not everything ends well. D.C doesn't use cliche heroes and villains .

D.C is having many good movies on the horizon such as suicide squad a comic book and idea too original for marvel , Batman v Superman and aqua man which knowing D.C will make him bad ass. Marvel will repeat old stuff and eventually drive them selves to the ground .

D.C is simply better than marvel movies from a artistic pov . its probably because D.C wrote everything marvel has before they came up with it marvel has suspiciously close ideas to D.C also D.C takes their time to master the art and polish a movie.

Benjamin R Souza

.c better than marvel


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