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Anyone who's had the pleasure of enjoying Pixar's latest emotional roller coaster (literally) Inside Out is undoubtedly wondering when we get to see our colorful, emotional friends again! Last time we saw Anger, Fear, Joy, Disgust, and Sadness, they'd just finished helping Riley cope with her family's big move to San Francisco, while they learned a little something about themselves as well! Disney and Pixar have heard our desperate cries and have gifted us with even more Inside Out fun!

The short film Riley's First Date, which will be included with the Inside Out DVD special features, shows the emotional chaos that ensues once Riley's date arrives at the Andersen's doorstep.

Check out the short below:

Here's a short breakdown!

Remember the boy Riley bumped into at the hockey game at the end of Inside Out? Well, it seems she left an impression because he's back to take her on a date!

Dad does not seem to thrilled about the idea of his daughter going out with a boy, though. Just the possibility of a date causes his emotions to go on full red alert!

Thankfully, Mom is a teeny bit more rational. I emphasize "teeny" because of course she has to ruin it by trying to be cool like the hip kids... at least she tried!

Naturally, Mom's attempts at prying just causes justifiable mass awkwardness...

"I don't understand. What's happening...?"

"Ugh, this is just embarrassing! I can't. I, I can't."

The clip may only be 52 seconds long, but it's 52 seconds of Pixar awesomeness! Seeing how worried Mom and Dad are, they're probably capable of anything! Will they sabotage the date? Will they creepily follow the tween lovebirds to the skating rink, or will they just make everything super awkward for everyone? My guess is it'll be the perfect mash up of all three. We'll just have to wait and see when the Inside Out DVD comes out on October 13th!


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