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So the ride Along 2 teaser has dropped, this is the sequel to the 2014 comedy hit. Now the first movie as generic as it was had its funny moments, but did it really warrant a sequel? Not really, but when a 20 million dollar movie makes 40 in its opening, "Sequel must happen!" At least according to studio executives. I don't hate that this is happening but the only reason it exists is money. I do not like that this is the reason its happening. Movies should be made because fans want more, not because a movie that wasn't generally liked makes a lot of money. I understand movies are a business but come on, who really wanted a sequel? I'm sure very few did. But i will take everything back if he movie is great, or even just good. Anyway, on to the trailer, which isn't very convincing on its own, doesn't show us much but what it does show is generic cash in movie sequel things. Ice Cube seems to phoning it in. Kevin Hart looks like Kevin Hart, which isn't bad thing but he doesn't have many funny lines in this teaser. The teaser only provides chuckles on its own, but maybe they actually are hiding the best jokes for the movie, this is just a teaser after all. Anyway, thanks for reading my first post, check out more on my Instagram at Entertainmentman. More to come later!


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