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Fans are charged up for Marvel's slate of upcoming films and the internet is once again building the hype. The marvel universe is expanding and with it so is the roster of characters that we will be seeing on the big screen. Captain Marvel is one of the most anticipated movies since it will be Marvel's first female driven superhero film about one of their premiere heroes. The character is very special and her origin story is full of intrigue. Carol Danvers was a major in the U.S. airforce and later became head of security for nasa. She acquired her powers after an encounter with the Kree hero Captain Marvell. Casting this character has been a topic of interest for months and has been fueled by rumors and supposed articles hinting at the casting. Below are a five fan-made posters that are sure to get you even more excited about the film.

Vikings star Katheryn Winnick is still a fan-favorite choice for the role of the cosmic heroin and was flattered when she came across this poster. As far as we know she is still interested in the role.

Yvonne Strahovski has been a name that has come up numerous times when discussing this role. She is known for her roles on "Chuck" and "24". Strahovski has shown no immediate interest in taking the role, if she is interested in playing the character she definitely hasn't been vocal about it.

Katee Sackhoff was rumored to be in talks for the role some time ago but it was never really confirmed. She has expressed keen interest in playing the character which makes sense given her heavy background in Sci-Fi and action.

Emily Blunt is the major contender for the role since she has been close to being part of the MCU in the past. Could the third time be the charm?

Natalie Dormer is another big star who is one of the potential candidates for the role. She has been rumored for the part multiple times. Dormer has taken an interest in the role and has stated she will do it if character is interesting and layered. Dormer is no stranger to the MCU since she had a brief appearance in the first Captain America movie but that hardly disqualifies her to take on another character, isn't that right Chris Evans?


Which poster is your favorite? if you have a favorite actress for the role you can put her name in the comments section.


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