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Just WHAT do I have in store for you in my amazing new Walt Disney World Toy Box, coming soon? Not only a (temporary or permanent) release date, but tons of (permanent) features throughout the game! Let's dig in!

First off, the release date. The official current release date is May 6th, 2016. I know it's far, but plan on many trailers and a bunch of gameplay footage very soon... (As in early November...)

Anyway, the less depressing part starts now!

Here are just SOME of the amazing features that are in the game...

  • Many Free Roam Areas- Play through all four parks, both water parks, Downtown Disney, and a handful of resorts.
  • Interactive Cast Members- Have a question? Talk to any cast member on site, giving a very lively experience.
  • Gift Shops and Restaurants- Buy souvenirs, eat meals, stock up on Infinity characters... Do it all in the many buildings of DI's WDW.
  • Day/Night Cycle- From morning to midnight, each time of day is a different experience in WDW. Extra Magic hours, fast passes, parade/show times... they're all here.
  • Monthly/Seasonly Events- Star Wars Weekends, Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Christmas Celebration... Don't think about skipping a month.
  • On-Point Recreations- True park experts can't even detect a difference in between virtual WDW and real WDW. Well, I mean, there's nothing like the real WDW... but this is close.

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