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It's already August. Summer is ending and we are approaching the beginning of a new season of television shows. However, many networks offer summertime programming, MTV being one of them. I believe they have a new hit on their hands as well with their handling of Scream. I know that many people were very hesitant to think that a TV series based off of one of the most beloved slasher franchises out there would be any good, especially in the hands of MTV; In fact, I was one of those questioning the decision. But MTV quickly gained my interest with their promos for the new series:

Now, obviously the show features an all-attractive, young cast. Nothing wrong with that, though it does make you wonder if every high school in California is only attended by models, haha. That aside, all of the things we loved about the original film series are here in my opinion. The show does a great job at building up the suspense, constantly throwing you off track with suspects, while showing you new sides to the characters. There is also the great self-awareness humor brought in by Noah, the "Randy" of the show.

For a show filled with faces you won't really recognize from any previous work, aside from Bex Taylor-Klaus and her role on Arrow as Sin, it is very well cast. The actors and actresses do a very good job with what they have been given. The show does constantly tread on the dangers of cyber-bullying and how badly it can hurt people, but that is a message that does need to be out there.

From it's traditional opening kill scene up to where it is now, Scream doesn't pull many punches. It does have moments that feel like they drag on too long, but it all works in to making you actually care about its characters. Whether it is the "beauty/slutty" girl who is surprisingly soft-hearted, the "geeky" friend who has a dark edge, or even the "virginal" lead girl who ain't no virgin, you constantly learn more about these characters than you ever would in a 90-minute film. That is the true beauty in a horror TV show. You gain a deeper value in the people put in front of you to see.

If you are a fan of the slasher genre I definitely recommend giving this show a chance. It might just surprise you.

I cannot wait to see where the rest of this first season takes the story. For those fellow fans of the series already, MTV has also announced there will at least be a season two as well.

Scream airs Tuesday nights at 9pm on MTV.


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