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Michael Patterson

Zombies are all the rage nowadays. With the success of the Walking Dead, the popularity of the ‘undead’ is alive and well. Zombies along with Arnold Schwarzenegger will equal a 90 minute Epic clash right?…Wrong.

'Maggie’ is instead a beautifully written and directed piece that focuses on Schwarzenegger’s character’s daughter Maggie and her slow and painful transition into a zombie after being bitten and infected with the virus.

A grim tone and environment sticks with the film for the entire duration as Wade (Schwarzenegger) and his wife (Joely Richardson) try to come to terms with Maggie’s transformation.

With the outside would forcing him to put her in quarantine, Wade struggles to figure out what is best for his daughter and how to stop her suffering.

A truly moving piece and not a single one-liner in sight, this movie is far from your usual Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

There are strong performances from all of the cast, especially Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson and Schwarzenegger himself. I can’t emphasise enough just how powerful Arnie’s acting is in this film, some of his best work yet.

A haunting but moving discovery that definitely deserves a watch. Incredible movie.

After a limited theater release, Maggie is available in the US on Blu-Ray and DVD now and is released in the UK on DVD/Blu-Ray on November 23rd! Highly Recommended!


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