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I am a harpist who loves spending time with my harp, Grover.
Owosso Harpist

To celebrate Fanart Friday, here's a Punisher fan art I made that I hope would tug at your heart strings. This fan art is of The Punisher playing his harp in memory of his family. Likely this is the only time when Frank would put away his guns and call off the war against organized crime to spend some quiet time at his makeshift family shrine he put up at any secret location where he won't be found. Here facing a large portrait of his family flanked by two candles and tall vase containing 3 roses he picked from a bush which represent his late family, Punisher plays his two harps beautifully as he fills the whole shrine with music, songs, poems, and prayers all in honor of his wife and children who were killed by the mob years ago.


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