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For those who have seen Naruto you know that all the epic moments cannot be put in a particular order. So for this list everything you see are all equally awesome no matter the order they are in. Not gonna give long explanations for why I picked these just gonna keep it short and sweet. Also there will be spoilers ahead.

#8 Choji vs Jirobo

First epic fight. Choji vs Jirobo. After just seeing Choji's back story you really felt sorry for him. Seeing him go all out for his friends and for himself was both epic and emotional. Not to mention that powerful moment with Choji under the tree slowly seeing his life fade away.

#7 Naruto vs Neji

Another awesome fight. Naruto vs Neji. In the epic chunin exams we get to see the underestimated Naruto prove himself against the famous Neji. From Neji completely shutting down Naruto physically to Naruto making an epic comeback, this fight is indeed one of the best.

#6 Gaara vs Rock Lee

Another fight from the chunin exams, Gaara vs Rock Lee. No emotion, No morals, no holding back. This fight is outstanding. From Lee moving so fast it seems like he's teleporting to Gaara just standing there taking it all, this fight is for sure no one would ever forget.

#5 Neji vs Kidomaru

On the famous mission to bring back Sasuke Uchiha, Neji comes across the powerful Kidomaru. Not as much emotion but still epic. From Neji having to guard every inch of his body to Kidomaru's endless waves of spiders and arrows, this fight had everyone scared for Neji.

#4 Kiba vs Sakon

One of the scariest fights, Kiba vs Sakon. Indeed an emotional battle. From learning about Kiba and Akamaru's bond to almost seeing both of them die, this fight makes you really care for these fictional characters.

#3 Naruto vs Gaara

Another emotionless fight. Gaara vs Naruto. An intense battle no doubt. From Naruto barely saving his friends life to almost dying himself, this battle was just overall awesomeness.

#2 Naruto vs Sasuke

Emotional, intense, epic, and just everything you can think of. Naruto vs Sasuke really delivers. With Sasuke on the search for power to Naruto trying send him on the right path, this fight is truly on of the best fights on Naruto.

#1 Sasuke vs Gaara

With Saskues long and epic entrance into the chunin exams is was really worth the wait. With the both opponents having unique and powerful skill, this fight was really unpredictable and glorious. One of the best guaranteed.


Which fight was your favorite? Let me know below.


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