ByJuan Gaitan, writer at

Rousey is fierce and powerful. She is explosive by nature. Yet she possesses a Sexy side that becomes even more to drool over when she fights, either on camera (Fast 7) or in the ring. And if you think about it, what are some of the best characters in film? The villains of course. From Vader to Magneto and more recently on his way to film, Apocalypse. Think about Megatron, The Joker, Bobba Fet, and even Bowser from Super Mario, yet there are a few female Villains that I can think of. The ones that come to mind are Lady Death Strike, Poison Ivy, or Harley Quinn. There are many more in the world of comics and games, but on the silver screen, I have not seen one female villain that can be among the greats. When my two boys go on a hunt to find a Halloween costume, it is the bad guys they are infatuated with. It is the mystery and power that so many of us fall in love with, not to mention the bad ass costumes and weaponry. So, if Rousey wants to be part of a Marvel Universe or any other of our nerd universe, she needs to pass on Captain Marvel and wait for a chance to be the female version of "Darth Vader." Only then will her power, beauty, and greatness be showcased the correct way.


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