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You know writers and animators have done their jobs when their character(s) not only come off as authentic, but they're personable to the point where we can empathize, sympathize and even be attracted to them. Yeah, that's just as peculiar as it sounds, but please bear with me. Like everyday people what's appealing about these individuals (to me) is a combination of their looks and personalities. And although I'm open minded by the end of this list I might be able to pin point my preferences and find out what I'm exactly looking for in partner.

10. Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

While Eric's as enigmatic as a children's crossword puzzle I admire his simplicity. He's a lover of the sea, enjoys spending time with his pet, he takes everything with a grain of salt (absorbing Ariel's "eccentricities" and laughing about it afterwards), is cordial and welcoming towards strangers (offering to show Ariel around the kingdom) and is an overall decent guy. He's also prepossessing, so that helps. ;)

9. Dean from The Iron Giant

Dean's a smooth beatnik who's passionate about his art and down to earth. Not a stickler for conformity, he follows his own style and sticks up for those who aren't socially popular. True to his cool demeanor, he's adaptable to change as he exceptionally transitioned from strict bachelor to family man by the end of The Iron Giant. His silky, Southern accent (provided by Harry Connick Jr.) and handsome appearance are incredibly fetching.

8. Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

Mavis is a ball of energy and vigor. In the first film she can't wait to explore the world and its many wonders. Anytime she experiences something new she revels in its splendor. Whether it's the idle grandeur of a sunset or a delicious decadence in a slushie, she appreciates whatever suits her fancy. Even if it's something she's done a thousand times she manages to find something fresh to relish about it. Seeing this kind of zeal is infectiously delightful.

7. Trent Lane from Daria

Trent is reminiscent of a local musician I used to carry a torch for, except he wasn't lazy. Similar to his sister Jane Trent is dedicated to his work, but his lethargic tendencies seem to override his desire into putting more work into his craft. Despite being hazy he can spontaneously provide fruitful advice to his sister, her friend Daria or anyone who's willing to listen. I also find his rough and slow paced voice to be incredibly alluring.

6. Fry from Futurama

Beyond Fry's ignorance, social reproach and lack of hygiene he's a sweet guy who's loyal to his friends (even Zoidberg) and unquestionably devoted to his wife Leela, who he sporadically saved ('Love and Rocket', 'The Sting', etc.) on the show. What's so endearing and admirable about him is that he values and cherishes his relationships with family and friends seeing as how everything and everyone he knew or loved back in the 20th century is long gone (despite initially rejoicing about it in the pilot).

Also being aware of his incompetence and low intelligence he still attempts to achieve something even though the odds are already against him. Fry also has a sense of humor and childish tendencies that are sometimes meddlesome, but keep the vibe lighthearted and fun.

5. Jane from The Walking Dead Season 2

Jane's a conflicted character. She left her ill sister Jamie behind when the latter didn't want to continue roaming (during the zombie apocalypse). This generated Jane's belief that those who are liable and or don't want to be rescued should be abandoned. Her cold cynicism and blunt manner created a friction between her and others, but her zombie expertise, cunning and fighting skills made her a formidable ally.

What's appealing about Jane is she's independent (having survived apocalypse alone after leaving Jamie up till she was captured), worldly, frank, adept, tough, humorous (telling self-deprecating jokes) and physically beautiful.

4. Bruce Wayne

In almost, if not all of his animated incarnations Bruce is depicted as being debonair, disciplined, erudite, sardonic, brooding and quiet. After the death of his parents and years of training his body and mind he became Batman, a vigilante who fights for the greater good. "Normalcy" is foreign to Bruce as he spends most of his time behind the mask.

Even though he's a complex character there's a certain ease about him that's desirable. He believes people can reform their ways, even long term villains. And besides being an absolute gentleman he can hold an intellectual conversation.

3. Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us

Protector and sheriff of Fabletown, Bigby can either be a tremulous authority figure or misunderstood, sympathetic soul (depending on your choices in the game). The latter version is my favorite and took the number three spot for his fiercely protective nature, keen detective skills, faithfulness to friends, and persistence. He's not looked upon favorably in the community because of his checkered past, but Bigby's determined to make sure every Fable is secure. Meanwhile his ripped appearance and sultry voice helped sealed the deal on being placed here.

2. Hank Pym from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Hank a.k.a. Ant-Man was one of the original members of the Avengers. He invented Pym particles which allowed him to significantly shift size from microscopic to gigantic. Initially he had reservations over battling foes as he was a pacifist. That is till his apparent "death" and from the ashes of Ant-Man rose Yellowjacket, a loose cannon anti hero who had no qualms about violence and wasn't as timid as his former identity.

Despite Hank sometimes being egocentric and oblivious he was enthusiastic about his research, rehabbing villains and ultimately making the world a better place. And when his emotions didn't get the best of him he'd always offer a logical point of view. His intelligence was so incredible that tech genius Tony Stark didn't always comprehend his scientific banter. Also while he cared about his teammates he had special spot for Wasp who'd eventually become his girlfriend (wife in comics). Not only handsome, but his voice has a certain warm and debonair quality that it makes it comforting to listen to.

1. Chris from Dan Vs.

On the surface there doesn't seem to be much about Chris. He's moderately attractive, a temp employee, humble and all in all is a regular joe. Yet despite being ordinary he's done some pretty extraordinary things, such as bringing down a billion dollar tech corporation ( in "Technology"), hunting a dinosaur, humiliating George Washington, etc . And while his friend Dan drags him into these situations 99% of the time Chris has proven that he can almost do anything regardless of having an average IQ and minimum dexterity.

What's even more impressive is that while he's overly cautious he'll overcome his hesitation to assist/rescue Dan and his family. I also find his voice to be obscurely charming.

So laying out all of these characters I've noticed some repeating traits I constantly brought up; cleverness, resilience, faithfulness, kindness, humor, passion, mellowness and chivalry. So, if I were to combine all of these individuals and their attributes my ideal match would probably end up being...

Okay then...


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