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jeremiah Ciardullo

Everyone thought Hugh Jackman wasn't a right "fit" for the part because of his height and as it turned out everyone including me, was wrong.

Mrs. Marvel or Captain Marvel to later comers is a perfect fit for her not only because she can meet the physical requirements but does she really need to act all that much? I mean she would be portraying a super-heroine which is a story about action period. We don't need some deep and moving acting bit from Rhonda from a Marvel character who only has as much depth as who writes her.

She's appeared in the expendables 3 and that bit role was enough for this long time Marvel fan to give two thumbs way up AND she wants to play the role?!! Yes, yes and yes...The only thing is if Disney/Marvel studios has anything to do with it and it will turn out ok otherwise if Fox or some other nitwit gets a hold of this, it'll bomb just as bad as (every true Marvel fan already knew it would) the debacle that was the new Fantastic Four movie.

I won't even get started on how Cosplayers destroyed the Bryan Singers Apocalypse look...Did he even consult a Marvel artist or the look at a comic book and try to elaborate on an already good idea? I mean really dude!

In any event, if Rhonda Rousey wants and gets it, she has my fan vote. Let us hope it goes to the proper studio and creative whose not just in it to appeal to the Marvel lemmings who are hoping for that lighting in a bottle affect of the other movies that have actually done well or great.

'Nuff said.


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