ByLissette Hernandez, writer at

First off, don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games series, both books and movies, and also Katniss' fan. I also must admit that I am very excited to watch Mockingjay part 2, but although Katniss was a great hero and the story was epic, I think it's time for our Mockingjay to retire and freely fly away saying goodbye with a powerful BANG!

The Maze Runner on the other hand is a very compelling story, it is currently my favorite bookseries, and if you think it's not as exciting (you're crazy, jk) The Scorch Trials is to arrive in theaters and it looks very promising. True that HG might currently have more fans, but like all things it's golden days are nearing their end, leaving a path of fame behind, ready to be conquered by yet another thrilling saga. To my eyes that path belongs to the Maze Runner. ( True Divergent is still there and its cool, but there's just something about it I din't like and I can't quite grasp it.) The upcoming Scorch Trials is awakening fans and beckoning new people into it's dystopian, apocaliptic YA sci-fi world of catastrophe and action! It's bound to be the new trending saga, it has all the potential to be the next big thing; mystery, rising action, the perfect cast (Dylan O'Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, etc.) and a director (Wes Ball) who has proved himself worthy of recognition. With all due respect to Suzanne Collins, James Dasner's The Maze Runner series is ready to land and take over the Hunger Games' fame and glory. Though Collins' story will never be forgotten and the Mockingjay will be well honored and remembered till the end of times.


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