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I was on TV one time. 15 mins of fame on MTV's Catfish actually (Season 1 Episode 3) I am a VERY huge fan of movies, shows and music. That's
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The entire universe is under attack!!! Yes, that includes earth. Guess it's a good thing that I deactivated my Netflix account to concentrate on assembling the best team possible to fight this threat!

I want to introduce... THE BREAKING BAD ASSES

1ST ROUND PICK: Chuck Norris (Actor/God)

Besides counting to infinity (twice) on his spare time, Chuck Norris has saved the universe more times than anyone can count. It has been rumored that he created the big bang that birthed our existence.... I am confident that good ol' Chuck could handle any situation by himself but doesn't mind having others join in and learn a few things along the way.

2ND ROUND PICK: Kratos (God of War)

Hell itself could not hold this man down as he avenged his family by taking out the God of War (Aries) in which Kratos became the God of War. He was betrayed and ended up destroying anyone in his path on his way to eliminating all of the Greek Gods including Zeus himself. I would say his murderous resume is pretty lengthy and anyone from any realm that wants to mess with Kratos... Good luck.

3RD ROUND PICK: The Hulk (Marvel's Avengers)

Bruce Banner is a really nice guy but if you are attacking earth... Well that won't make him very happy... And you wouldn't like him when he's angry. When Bruce enters Hulk mode there is nothing stopping him from smashing anything in his way into smithereens. I wouldn't be worried about the Hulk being able to stop an attack on earth. I would be more worried about him smashing the earth into pieces while caught up in his fury.

TEAM CAPTAIN: Walter White A.K.A. Heisenberg (Breaking Bad)

All 3 teammates are unpredictable, insane and possess unlimited amounts of power. Luckily they have one bad ass chemist/drug lord on their side to keep them in line and to cook up a master plan on any attack. Walter White is the DANGER. Heisenberg and the rest of the Breaking Bad Asses are the one who knocks! If all else fails... He can throw a mercury fulminate infused pizza at any idiot stupid enough to attack us!


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