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So i recently just saw the new fantastic four in the theaters a couple of days ago well what can i say....

When i first heard that they were making this i was geeking out man finally another reboot to the four superheroes we come to love.

I can say after i left the movie theater i wasn't sure if i really hated it or liked it i can say it wasn't good i mean i did think the cast was good but the plot was kind of dumb.

I did like the thing the way he looked with out pants he looks much better that way but he wasn't really enjoyable as a loving character.

Doctor Doom look bad he looked noting like he did in the comics so that made me hate his character now his powers were kind of cool but don't i think they really followed up to his true powers.

Johnny Storm was okay i think he was casted well but still prefer Chris Evans.

Susanne Storm she was okay she was pretty but i did not like how they didn't show much of her powers it made her character suck.

Mr Fantastic was okay played by miles teller but he didn't have much to do in this movie at least i think.

Overall this movie was bad i would not recommend paying to go see it don't waste your money.

Last the movie was too long to begin with if they would have made it shorter and more action then this would have been good.


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