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The lines have been drawn. Strategies have been made. Banners of Marvel and DC have been raised on opposite sides. A war cry has been sounded. The battle is about to start. Let's take a look.

Tactics of movie making

Marvel exactly knows these tactics. Till date they have taken their B-List and C-List characters and made them into successful movies. Only time will tell whether the inclusion of an A-list character Spiderman would work out for Marvel or not?

On the other hand, though DC had tasted success in the form of Dark Knight trilogy, it failed slightly in attracting the masses with their A-list characters like Green Lantern, Superman.


Marvel has serious stories which have been balanced with a small dose of humour so that all kinds of age groups can have a cool movie experience. Sometimes too much humour kills the essence of a superhero movie, which Marvel should be aware of.

On the other hand DC has made itself clear with Man of Steel that its movies would be dark. The trailers of Suicide Squad and Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice have only further strengthened this point. Movies with the shades of dark is a welcome gesture from DC, they have ensure they shouldn't become too dark.


Marvel has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as valuable asset to connect their movies. Though sometimes connectivity can make some issues like when Natasha uploaded all the S.H.I.E.L.D in the net, Skye kind of erased their details at the same time, creating small fussy paradoxes in the universe.

What does DC have? Fight between Superman and Batman? Rumours are being passed on that this movie will be the base for Justice League. But how long they can connect their movies without any strong connections?

Marvel has released 12 movies till date which have topped the box office, where DC is yet to start their cinematic universe. So I can say that Marvel has won the Game of Movies and is ruling the box office. Let's see if DC can win back the throne of box office from Marvel.


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