ByMartin Samoylov, writer at

The Cobbler stars Adam Sandler in a PG-13 Comedy/Drama about a lonely cobbler from New York that discovers an old family secret. The story comes with a touch of fantasy and has moments everyone should be able to relate too.

But all this doesn't come around in 90 minutes. We get too many characters, too many subplots and not enough room or even enough time to really relate to Sandler. The movie forces itself to create a Hollywood-type arc and covers an immense amount of emotions that poor Sandler has to carry.

However, some scenes do balance fun and emotion very well, which however isn't an excuse for the poorly written plot. 'The Cobbler' is entertaining, but it didn't make me feel or cry. For that, it's too rushed in it's third act and has actors that don't know how to act at some points. The ideas get so original, that the movie feels fake and the good base go away.

'The Cobbler' is a decent watch, if nothing else is available. But don't expect movie magic. It's fine, but could have used a better and maybe even simpler script for it's third act.


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