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Two words, Heath Ledger. You, your brother, your next door neighbor and your grandmother hated the idea of the guy from Broke Back Mountain playing the most famous comic book villain ever to hit the big screen. Till the Dark Knight premiered then everyone felt that he was the greatest joker who ever donned the makeup.

Casting directors are there for a reason, they are seeing a bigger picture we will never be aware of till the genius is seen on screen. Batman is a billion dollar franchise, WB will not make a decision like this likely knowing they have a lot on the line if it fails. Snyder, Nolan and Warner must all be in agreement if this choice happened so quickly and just like how most people thought Heath would ripping the franchise because we didn't see the chemistry that the director/casting team saw made most if us all turn hypocrite when the movie came out.

Keep calm and reserve first judgment when the trailer drops. For those of you who doubt Affleck's ability to do a descent job I say this, The Town, Argo, & Dare Devil. The Town showed us his dark side, Argo showed us a man who can figure out how to get the job done through impossible odds (something Bruce/Bats does consistently) and Dare Devil wore a costume.

All jokes aside, I liked dare devil, it was a great movie besides that seesaw scene and the fight scenes were better than anything from the Batman movies.

Having Affleck as Batman gives the current director some breathing room. Ben is not the greatest actor ever but he's better than most and better than he was when he was just Kevin Smith pretty boy go to guy. Ben is now an Oscar winning director and by better director than Snyder. The proofs in the awards, so Snyder has the expertise and vision that his new Bat can assist with.

So lets just see what happens because the majority of you none believers, doubters, haters and hard core butt hurt fans are going to remember how wrong you were about Ledger and see it 10 times anyways. Jennifer Lopez will not be Catwoman so I think we're going to be fine my fellow Frantics.

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