ByMartin Samoylov, writer at

'Fantastic Four' is a new take on the great origin of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and the Storm siblings. Those are born into pop culture and a reboot is therefore highly anticipated.

This version takes us into a reality. Yes, a reality. Not a place where people fly into space and then become monsters. No, a reality where people go into another dimension and become monsters. However, this is not what makes this take on the fantastic team so real, it the characters. We see a smart teenager, a grounded buddy and 2 different siblings with that one crazy friend. But with characters like Franklin Storm or even military agent Henry, we get to see emotional connection with the audience and the truth of what would happen if 4 monsters would be a reality. No, they wouldn't fight on a bridge and return to their hotel. They would be captures and be forced to train. And this is exactly what we get here.

With 'Fantastic Four' offering a fresh first act, we have great character development with a brief of fresh humor, amazing acting and very well filmed material. This is something, that make superhero movies so appealing to audiences. They can tell a story in style and this is what we get in our first act.

However, after that we get am amazing off-screen sequence, cutting an entire year of training. Even though those scenes also come intense, dramatic and extremely well done - this off-screen part costs points. The footage is good, the second act is not bad. But the confusion that the audience gets is the problem. It's unexpected and makes audiences wonder and scratch their head, while they miss out on the great performance that we get delivered. And this is what makes 'Fantastic Four' different from 'Ant-Man' or 'Iron Man'. The changes are not well prepared and the drama often times too soon or too late.

But this doesn't make me hate the movie. This type of emotional climax underlined with the cast, the score and the CGI that we saw in the final fight is what makes superhero movies great. It's not just reality, emotion or humor. It's the cinematic experience of a well made final showdown that audiences love about a good film. And that's what I loved about 'Fantastic Four'. This and everything else that made those 90 minutes worth sitting in that theater.


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