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I know this might be sort of a cliche article. And I'm pretty sure most of you have already read like five or ten different versions of this countdown already. But I want to put my opinion out there on who I think Spider-man should fight in his first solo movie with Marvel.

3. Scorpion

Scorpion, not the one from Mortal Kombat.
Scorpion, not the one from Mortal Kombat.

Scorpion is definitely not Spider-mans strongest villain. But he might be just what Marvel is looking at for Spider-mans first villain. He's can't exactly be taken serious enough like Venom or Carnage. And since Marvel said they are trying to make Spider-mans debut more comedy than drama, Scorpion would fit perfectly.

2. Shocker


Like Scorpion, Shocker isn't the most popular Spidey villain, but he'd be perfect for Spider-mans new movie. He's proven to be more than enough for Spider-man to handle on numerous occasions, so the threat is there. And he's the perfect villain for a more comedic Spider-man movie. Unlike Venom or Carnage who instantly bring a sense of seriousness and would immediately make the movie darker.

1. Mysterio

Mysterio, looking all mysterious..
Mysterio, looking all mysterious..

Mysterio is a very underrated Spider-man villain in my opinion. Unlike the other two, he can put up with Spider-man physically and definitely mentally. He has caused Spider-man to rethink his sanity more than once. And his traditional look would be more than enough for Spidey to pick at in the movie. He just looks like a villain you'd see in a comical Spider-man movie.


Which Villain Do YOU Want To See In Spider-Mans Debut Marvel Movie?


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