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Last night, the NHL set up a on Twitter that featured live-tweeting of The Mighty Ducks. Sounds like a pretty cool idea to keep the fans engaged and interested - which isn't always easy, since hockey is one of the least-watched major American sports. But hey, they're trying...

You may recall Charlie Conway from The Mighty Ducks movies. Josh Jackson played him, and funnily enough, he participated in this tweet-along. He started off fairly simply with the following innocuous tweet.

He was just letting it be known that he was on board with the classic Mighty Ducks phrase. But he would later do much more to show his allegiance to the film and franchise as a whole.

Quacking is always the first step to greatness, though. Always.

So, the goal was for all of the people involved with this live-tweeting event to start watching the film at the same time. They conversed about mullets early-on; a very popular hair style at the time that no longer really has much fashionability to it anymore... sadly.

He then brought his real-life wife into things, stating that she was jealous of his flirting techniques in the film...

It's funny to see Jackson was able to laugh a bit at himself.

Then he kept the awesomeness going with this tweet about giving up his roster spot in the film.

He didn't fall victim to a potential trap to blast Team Iceland

And here is the best tweet of them all. A call for a "new generation of ducks". Could this mean another film is on the horizon?

I guess the most obvious question is how they would include Charlie Conway and others from the original films in the new movie. It would be a pretty easy move, in my opinion, though. I think he's have to take over as coach... calling back to his early days and teaching a new generation of Ducks - as he so aptly put it - how to fly.

Please, Lord, make this happen. Thanks.

(Via: MTV)


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