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I've got some good news and some bad news. Good news first... the Jurassic World sequel is on its way. Bad news? It's just under 3 years away, set to be released in June, 2018! The film is truly a ways off. Even worse news for Americans, though, is that the United Kingdom is getting the film June 7th and the States won't get it until June 22nd.

I guess the bottom line is, once the film comes out, don't talk to your British friends if you want a spoiler-free viewing experience. You may be thinking, "Wait, I don't have any British friends." Well, it's three years away, so you easily might make some between now and then. Stay cautious, stay woke.

Here is a book about British dinosaurs. They're a little bit classier than the American ones, I reckon.

Anyway, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are certainly going to be back. Here's a brief quote from director Colin Trevorrow about what might happen in the new film:

"I really like the idea that this group of geneticists aren't the only people who can make a dinosaur. When you think of the differences between Apple and PC – the minute something goes open-source, there are all kinds of entities and interests that may be able to utilise that technology."

So, yeah, if you're planning a trip to the UK, you should try to aim for June 7, 2018. Damn Brits... always taking our dinosaurs from us!



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