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Now, there are some designs that, whether due to the original genius of their creator, or simply the mysterious ways of the pop cultural landscape, become truly iconic. Whether it's an iPhone, a Coca Cola bottle, or the McDonalds 'M', some things have been fundamentally burned into our collective consciousness, to such an extent that there's very little point even trying to get them out.

Try as we might, it's virtually impossible to imagine a different logo for McDonalds, a different glass bottle shape for Coke, or a flip-case iPhone - they've become visual landmarks in our very sense of reality.

Another perfect example of that? This guy...

It's seemingly impossible to imagine Darth Vader having turned up at the start of Star Wars wearing anything other than that exact outfit. After all - that's what makes him Darth Vader in the first place, right?

Well, perhaps - but intrepid multimedia artist Rafael De Guzman wasn't one to be limited by that kind of conventional thinking, it seems. Which is why he created this:

Fan-Made Darth Vader Redesign

Which is...actually kind of terrifying (and actually does look like something Episode III-era Anakin would wear)...

That's not all, though. De Guzman has also produced some pretty spectacular pieces of fan-art, including:

A Steam-Punk Iron Man

With bonus canine J.A.R.V.I.S...

A Super-Slick Korra (From The Legend of Korra)

Who is about to kick your ass.

A Worryingly Realistic Ed (From Ed, Ed and Eddy)

Which is actually pretty fundamentally disturbing...

A Fearful Eustace (From Courage the Cowardly Dog)

Though what scared him isn't quite clear...

A Grandiose Pidgeot (From Pokemon)

Which is practically a photograph at this point...

And, finally, what looks an awful lot like:

A Demonic Thanos and an Alternate-Universe Gimli

Which is clearly a fan-fic story someone needs to start writing...

Nicely played Mr De Guzman... Nicely played...

What do you reckon, though?



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