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This mentally unstable "Merc with a Mouth" is most everybody's favorite antihero. He's crass, he's psychotic, and he reminds us that the best way to defeat our opponents is to distract them and bust out your improvised fight moves, as they will never know what you're going to do next.

In order to pacify the Deadpool cravings you may be having before the film is released next February (drooling hardcore over Ryan Reynolds, to be honest), be sure to check out these incredibly Deadpool crossover fan art pieces.

1. The Walking Deadpool

[Source: AndrewKwan]

Zombies and deadpool? That's a series we can definitely get behind.

2. Assassin's Deadpool

[Source: deep13entertainment]

Just when we thought Deadpool couldn't get anymore deadly.

3. Let It Go, Spiderman

[Source: Pinoy01]

Red and blue have never looked so good together.

4. Gotta Catch 'Em All, Deadpool

[Source: CondescendingPrick]

If anyone can train their Pokémon and get them to evolve into their final form, it's Deadpool.

5. Deadly Flynn

[Source: splendidriver]

Deadpool knows better than to get tangled up in stupid bullcrap. Or does he?

6. Vacation

[Source: m7781]

Walley World? More like Dead World.

7. Doctor Dead

[Source: m7781]

Just think of all the possibilities that could happen if Deadpool had a TARDIS?

8. Star Wars

[Source: m7781]

The force is, well, somewhat strong in this one.

9. A Nightmare on Deadpool Street

[Source: m7781]

One, two, Deadpool's coming for you, Freddy.

10. Deadpool in Wonderland

[Source: m7781]

A very merry Unbirthday to you!

11. Baby Hulk and Little Deadpool

[Source: m7781]

Aw! When the Hulk and Deadpool were little troublemakers!

12. Here's Deadpool!

[Source: m7781]

Redrum! Redrum! No, seriously, he's thirsty for some redrum, bartender.

13. Dumb and Dumber

[Source: m7781]

"I like it. I like it a lot!"

14. Star Pool

[Source: m7781]

Live long and...some bullshit.

15. Deadpool in the Happiest Place on Earth

[Source: Marco D'Alfonso]

From Tomorrowland to Frontierland, these two fellas are sure to cause some trouble at the park.

16. Ghost Ride the Whip, Deadpool

[Source: Dan-Mora]

Deadpool gets even more fiery with this awesome Ghost Rider crossover.

17. Ferretpool

[Source: Yastach]

Rodents ftw!

18. Back to the Deadpool

[Source: sebastianconh]

Messing up history one decade at a time.

19. Captain Sparrow Meets Deadpool in a Liquor Store

[Source: EmmaSeptimus]

Why is all the rum gone? Why is all the beer gone?

Raise your hand if you would actually be down to watch any and all of these incredible mashups.

I personally wouldn't mind owning a ferretpool myself. My chinchilla is already sassy and dangerous, so the addition of a ferret really wouldn't make much of a difference.

[Source: Dorkly]


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