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It's incredibly safe to say Game of Thrones has swept the nation (and globe), becoming one of TV's best shows and inspiring a lot of cosplay, memes of course, merchandising, and much more. Like this ridiculous dude for example, who took his love for all things Westeros a little too seriously.

A defendant in a case being tried before the New York Supreme Court, inspired by GoT, demanded a trial by combat. As any GoT fan can attest, this method of resolving criminal disputes was utilized in two key moments from the show.

First, when Tyrion Lannister was accused at The Eyrie of murdering Jon Arryn, Bronn came to his defense and emerged victorious, sparking their friendship. The second was certainly even more famous in Season 4, when Tyrion stood trial for the death of King Joffrey. It was the “Red Viper,” Oberyn Martell, who stepped in to face Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane.

According to The Wrap, Richard Luthmann is facing charges for "Aiding and Abetting a Fradulent Transfer, Conspiracy to Aid and Abet a Fraudulent Transfer, Concerted Action Liability, Negligence and for an Accounting error. Clearly a Game of Thrones fan (and a fool), Luthmann argued there was nothing on the legal books that outlaws the practice of trial by combat.

Is this dude serious? Here's what he put down in writing about his belief that he should be allowed to have trial by combat:

“Since [1776], no American court in post-independence United States to the undersigned’s knowledge has addressed the issue, and thus the trial by combat remains a right reserved to the people and a valid alternative to civil action."
I say let it happen.
I say let it happen.

It seems like this guy is the ultimate troll - either that, or he's an absolute clown. Either way, I say let him do a trial by combat. Just make sure they have The Mountain as the person he has to face off with. I'd pay to see that.

(Via: The Wrap)


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