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It's getting praised left and right by critics and many audiences can't help but agree that Straight Outta Compton is a masterpiece. The movie centers on the famous rap group that paved the way for many artist in the 90s and today. I'm talking about the N.W.A - one of the biggest, if not the biggest, rap group in history - and they finally have movie to tell their story. Right off I want to say that even if you're no fan of rap or hip hop this movie is still worth checking out for the amazing work that went into it. I could give you a full review but i think my three reasons on why you need to see this movie are enough to convince you. If you do want a full review though check it below!

1. The Riveting True Life Story

The N.W.A being as huge as they were didn't come easy and we are held witness to that as we see their struggle to put Compton on the map. The story primarily revolves around Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and Dr. Dre and all three are played phenomenally. I loved the way the film jumped from one character to another seamlessly and made the movie smooth. It's pretty tough seeing the hardships these guys went through not too long ago and you're definitely rooting for them to make it through. It's even crazier when you think that this is a true story and makes it the movie that much more important.

2. Crowd Experience

I'm normally the one to say i hate when a theater is packed and all you can hear is whispers or people being loud. This time around however the energy in the theater was intense but in a good way. It felt at times more like a concert than a movie and I actually liked that. I didn't mind at all when people would just start singing to the lyrics and the electricity was real. It's a big reason to go see this movie just for the experience of such a cultural group.

3. The Pop Culture Cameos

In a movie where you follow the rise of such a huge group that brought in a wave of new artists you're bound to see a lot of pop culture moments. This movie has many other influences from the rap scene in the 90's that i'll leave you to see for yourself. It is really entertaining and brought a lot of nostalgia seeing so many other artists in this movie as well as moments that you either remembered or saw before.

All in all, Straight Outta Compton is a movie that is so powerful and moving it will have you glued to your seat. Its one of the summer's best and most electrifying movies!

Straight Outta Compton is in theaters today!


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