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TV Line reported that Dr Light was going to make her debut on season 2 of The Flash.

While, Arthur Light is the most known version of the character, we'll deal with his female alter-ego, Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi-Light. Although having the same powers, they both live in the same continuity. They are even married in the new 52.

Arthur Light was even mentioned in the Arrow episode "The Man Under The Hood" by Caitlin. She described him as a "psycho." Thus, we could see Arthur Light pop-up at some point in future seasons.

In the comics, Kimiyo Hoshi was a scientist who absorbed the energy sent by the Monitor during "Crisis On Infinite Earth." Obviously, she won't get her power this way on The Flash and could be a victim of the Particle Accelerator.

A few days ago, Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that we'll got a flashback episode to the night of the particle accelerator explosion. This episode will show us that night from somebody else's perspective. It's still speculation but it could be how they introduce Dr.Light in the show.

All this new addition of characters got me really impatient! Let's hold our breath until then!

The Flash returns for season 2 October 6th on the CW!


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