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Okay so I thought I would give this Fantasy Draft a try. I'll be honest I didn't put a lot of thought into my choices. I went with my instincts and chose the first people that came to mind. I gave myself one simple criteria pick one character from comic books, one from movies, one from t.v., and one from video games. I know some of my choices will fall into several of the categories, so I'll try to specify which one I am choosing for each.

Team Captain: Doctor Who (t.v.)


When it came to picking my person from t.v. only one person came to mind. Even if I took the time and really thought about it, I am positive I would always come back to the Doctor as my choice. I don't feel I need to defend my choice picking him. Anyone on my list could be team captain but Doctor gets the privilege because he has an unorthodox way of looking at things. He has 900 years of experience.

First Draft Pick: Batman (comics)


The reason I chose the comic Batman over movie Batman is his accomplishments, not to mention his abilities, gadgets, and experience. Batman has been in over a half dozen movies and we haven't seen anything near the obstacles comic Batman has faced. With that many movies under his utility belt you would think something would have been monumental. Here's hoping BvS: Dawn of Justice lives up to the hype. In mean time comic Batman has overcame Superman more than once.

Second Draft Pick: Hulk (movie)


Why the movie Hulk over comic Hulk? Simple the comic category was taking. I know any Hulk is an obvious choice, but whenever I am forming a team Hulk will always be on it. The Hulk has only been in four movies, two of which he wasn't even the main focus. We haven't seen the Hulk at his full potential and he hasn't been given the opportunity to flex his jade muscles. Who knows what this Hulk is capable of, we all saw what he did to Loki, and Thor, and Hulkbuster, and well you get the point and that was just the tip of the iceberg. So here's hoping we get a Planet Hulk movie.

Third Draft Pick: Master Chief (video games)

When it came time to pick a video game team member a lot came to mind. Only two really stuck out for me: Solid Snake and Master Chief. The reason Chief won me over is his credentials and the foes he has defeated. I didn't pick him because of some fan boy obsession, but because of who he is as a character and fighter. Chief is a master tactician, a super soldier to the fullest extent with and without his armor, not to mention his AI Cortana. Think Iron-Man and Captain America had a baby you get Master Chief. I already had chosen a master of stealth...the master, so Solid Snake lost his upper hand.

So that is my team. Like it or don't my team will conquer. In the brightest day and the darkest night, they will be there to protect the weak. To defend the people of earth against the things that go bump in the night. Never tell them the odds for they will always prevail. The will boldly go through time and relative dimensions in space to stop the forces of evil. And if the lands burn and sea boils, they will be there to avenge it. There is good in the world and it is worth fighting for as long as they breath they will fight. And should the day come when death comes for them they will say not today, and continue to fight for justice and peace. They are

The Incredible Spartan Knights of Gallifrey.


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