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Hello. As you know, people wanted to see movies from characters and comic events, but sometimes some people who created it will be saying:

We can't do that, because of other movie studios like Fox or Sony.

Or something like that. Anyway, I would like to show you movies I would want in the future of the MCU.

1. X-Men reboot.

As you know, everybody (I mean EVERYBODY) wanted the X-men to be in the MCU. Want to know why? ... I don't know. Maybe it's because everybody heard Hugh Jackman wanting to be in Avengers 2, or maybe everyone watched a YouTube video about the future MCU. But one thing I do want when this happens, is that I don't want the opening to be inside the body CGI (I meant the cell and dna stuff). Just saying.

2 & 3. Spidermen and Spider-verse

Now everybody wants a spiderman movie in the MCU and they got what they wanted. But there is one question, will there be a spiderman crossover movie? Well that's where people who spread the word came in. 1. Spidermen: in the comics, we see Peter Parker teaming up with Miles Morales to take on Mysterio. And that got me thinking about when will the movie happen. Besides I got theories, about the Ultimate Spiderman in the Ultimate universe. And then I asked myself,

Will there be a Ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe (UMCU for short)?

And 2. Spider-verse: now some people don't ever give a [CENSORED] about a audio video with pictures in them, but when they show the spider-verse picture, it was like everyone wanted a spider-verse movie. Don't ask me why, but I know that's quite awesome, because we will see Spider-Gwen, 2099 Spiderman, and the spider men who were already there in the Sony films (original and reboot).

4 . A Secret Avengers movie

Like in the comics, the super heroes have splitted into two groups: Mighty Avengers and Secret Avengers. But what I would like is that the new heroes to come together by the new S.H.I.E.L.D to become the secret avengers. But don't you ask me who they are. I don't know the crew, but I have. My own theory about the team: Leader: Captain Britain. Other members: Spider-Woman, Iron fist, Doctor Strange, Mrs Marvel, Agent Venom, Cable (he could be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), She Hulk, Nova and American Dream. Also a mysterious woman who comes from the future as cable. And I would like the character to be Emilia Clarke.

5. Secret Wars

Finally, this is the big one. Everyone including me would like a Secret wars movie as a crossover between the MCU and the Marvel Fox films. I would love to see two universes working together to stop Doom who has created a device on battleworld to destroy all world's and recreate them in his image. That would be cool. Because the X-men and Deadpool will be in the MCU after the event. But what do you think? What movie would you like to see in the MCU? Vote in the Google+ section. See you in the next thing. Oh, and be sure to leave a comment if:

1. You want to tell me the film I missed.


2. What movie you voted.

Or something like those. Over and out!


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