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What is shown in this episode that remains apparent throughout the rest of the series is that there is no machinimated violent confrontation that isn't chock full of standing around and talking dialogue.

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If you thought that the jokes about Donut looking like Sarge were going away anytime soon, think again, because they're here and they're hilarious. Just moments after Church finds out that Donut isn't a sergeant, but instead just a rookie, Tucker finally pops out of the other side of the teleporter, acting as if no time has passed at all, and when Church tries to explain that it's not Sarge who stole their flag, Tucker thinks he's gone back in time - another theme that comes back time and time again - leading to more hilarious confusion. Unfortunately, as Church tries to explain the situation to his teammate the party is broken up by the arrival of Grif and Simmons, who ride in with what will become the Warthog's signature music playing, Polkas y Huapangos by Los Dos Laredos, (and I can't find any links to buy the song from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or other distributors, so if you do let me know in the comments), and and the Blues are forced to scatter. The episode ends with Caboose debating whether he should stay at base or help out his teammates by getting in the tank, eventually choosing the latter.

There are some parts that may lead the audience to think the soldiers have questionable judgement, such as why the Reds leave Lopez at base even though they have room for him in the jeep, or why Caboose wants to take the tank to help his team when he had a perfectly good shot on Simmons with the sniper rifle already. Sometimes I guess in the business of visual entertainment, logic has to be thrown out the window for a more satisfying experience, and how true that is.

Favorite Dialogue from the Episode:

Church: Son of a bitch! Run! Jesus! Run!

Tucker: The jeep followed me back in time!


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