ByJordan Cartwright, writer at

Though this film got a lot of fan rage , I thought Man of Steel was the best super hero movie of 2013, in this film Superman or Clark is really known as Kal-El played by Henry Cavil . who is trying to find the answers on how he came to be on earth and what are his purposes and it lead into a heart warming and emotional movie . Though the full movie was not as compelling as you wanted it you could not deny that Clark Kents story and how it progressed even people like us could relate to . Which brings us to our villain in the film General Zod played by Michael Shannon who I thought though he was not a remember able villain or iconic in any way I personally think Michael Shannon did what he could with the material the director gave him and made the characters sick and reasonable ambitions work through out the movie.

I know the movie is loaded with fights and CGI hardly telling the compelling origin of Superman , but to me and to most audiences it was a new take on the superman character . this movie almost humanized him to a sense which is very nice knowing superman has his limits and his feelings.


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