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Lets play the speculation game and possibly create a little fan fiction. We all know that DC is known for using Multiple Universes (Multiverse) to allow different version of characters and their receptive story lines to coexist

and sometimes these worlds crossover but what if there is a master mind behind scenes of Warner Brothers that is creating the same thing in the movie versions of these stories? I'm not suggesting that DC starts creating different versions of Batman and Superman, at least not yet. Take a look at what is going on with New Line Cinema since the merger with Warner Brothers in March 2008. The company maintains separate development, production, marketing, distribution and business affairs operations, but coordinates those functions with Warner Bros. to maximize film performance and operating efficiencies. But Warner Brothers are no fools. Learning from Marvel, it makes no sense to just give a property away, especially when Warner Bros. are beginning a fresh start with a new direction of an expanded universe with the coming of Batman V Superman. Why then would they let New Line get the rights to produce a popular DC character movie, Shazam?

Lets Talk about the facts, the DCU says that a Crisis is an event with potentially great consequences, often involving multiple universes and sometimes even threatening their existence. I like the fact that more companies are involved. It frees Warner Bros. up and allows them to focus on their main ideas while other characters that may not be a part of that main plan gets some legs and runs with their own movies as well. Over all this can only help DC Movies, if done right. I recently asked John Campea of AMC Movie News on You Tube if he thought Warner Bros. would keep the option open for Shazam to join Justice League, this was his reaction (link seen above).

I know that we've don't need expanded universes and movies have done great without them but Avengers did awesome because of it and we know that with Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Batman joining the screen with Superman the proof is in the putting that Warner Brothers want to be in the expanded universe game. With an electrifying talent such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson signed up to be Black Adam, it seems like such a missed opportunity to put him up toe to toe with Henry Cavill. The thought of the poster alone is enough to make me buy the ticket five years in advance.

I believe that a logical move for DC/Warner Brothers is to allow New Lines Shazam movie to be a separate universe. That Shazam should not meet Superman or any of the other JLA in his movie since they don't exist there. After we get a Wonder Woman movie or Flash, then a sequel to Man of Steel to lead into a Batman film we'll probably get a Justice League if all goes well. Do we bring Shazam in now? No dumb dumb, he doesn't exist in Warner Brothers DC universe, I just said that like two sentences ago. Jeez! I believe DC should take the page out of Marvels book and go with the first, second, third phases and so on. But if you have two or three films that lead into a Justice League and if Shazam isn't coming to the Justice League then when?

There in lies the Crisis. I believe that Warner’s plans is to go through three or four phases or however long it take for it to be the right amount of time when these films movies are ready for a reboot/renew (X-Men: Days of Future Past style) and get shaken up with a Crisis Movie. This should indicate either a new phase or at least create a rift that helps us flow into the a new set of phases as some characters are replaces with new actors or if no one is leaving anytime soon justify why a darn dimensional portal just opened up in Metropolis and out comes a new, confused hero, who has to go one on one with the great one, Superman after narrowly beating (only because he's the hero "technically" the other Great One, The Rock, I mean Black Adam.

Shazam and Black Adam, along with other characters that can contribute to the story and find their way to a parallel universe where they can finally run into Superman and other super powered beings just like them. Different companies under Warner Brothers mirroring the different dimensions and Earth 1,2 3, etc that DC comics are famous for can now be hit with a Infinite Crisis movie that hits the reset button/reboot button on all the franchises the way DC does in the comic books and links these different characters only for 2 to 3 hours for our nerdy entertainment. I suggest this to give a cool spin on the reboot that allows the movie itself call out the fact that its being rebooted or renewed that way fans can better deal with the transitions, if some characters won't be coming back or will be replaced by new actors. This way Warner Bros. can be like "Nolan’s Batman was in another world closed off from these Earths but here’s an idea, maybe after Justice League 3 when we hit you with the first Crisis movie and open up these portals, maybe you'll see Ben Affleck’s Batman going up against his counter Batman played by Bale".

Okay that may never happen since Bale said he's done, but what if fans always got an Infinite Crisis Movie to give the alternative or distorted versions of the DC Characters they believed they should have gotten?

I don't want to see an evil version of a hero or a good version of a villain. It makes me uncomfortable to root for a Joker that is a good guy. What if instead of Batman fighting off another Caped Crusader he fights a different Wayne that would have been a member of his family had things been different. You open up these portals and out flies Owlman played by Armie Hammer ! . . . DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!? (dripping sweat).

I like the idea of alternative universes and different dimensions versus just another alien attack. We've done that to death and DC already has too many aliens as is. Getting the play book from Marvel for a good direction is one thing but the plot is another. Justice League shouldn't be another Avengers. If Warner Bros. uses Darkseid, and I'm sure they would if they get that far, the comparisons to Thanos will be never ending. But having Darkseid from another universe could begin the whole chain reaction or even he could be the master mind behind all of the Crisis situations with his ultimate plan being to concur all realities not just ours putting all different universes great heroes and god like warriors against each other while he secretly takes control. Hense your Black Adam getting magic punched by Shazam ending the movie and Black Adam waking up in Metropolis.

Bobbybillybillbob from Google+ says "Give us the Alternate Earth, Crime Syndicate Starring Brandon Routh as Ultraman, George Clooney as Owlman, Ryan Reynolds as Power Ring, Linda Carter as Superwoman (Basically evil Wonder Woman role :P) Grant Gustin as Johnny Quick and Alan Ritchson (Smallville Aquaman) as Sea King! hahaha"

SuperShanko from Google+ states "I'm pretty much up for anyone if it fits the joke of anyone connected to the former character. Like getting Mark Strong to play the parallel Luthor or that potential WW actress for Superwoman. All the fun of a movie while shutting up the fans that complained. Win-Win for everyone"

I'm going to assume he was thinking of Gina Carano. My personal favorite for Wonder Woman would be Olivia Wilde.

Should Castle Rock Entertainment make a Lobo movie or a Green Lantern Corp with John Stewart having a crisis find a way to getting a ring to a new Hal Jordan on the Warner Brothers side? Should CW's Green Arrow be considered Earth 2 already? I know crossing the streams didn't both well with the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.D. but Green Arrow just as another Earth would fit give everyone a little taste of what they want. I want your feedback. Add this idea. Let me know what characters should play these alternative versions of our DC heroes?

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