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1. One of the most urban legend that left me wondering and also scared to death is surely the legend of ' Bloody Mary ' . This myth if you turn out the lights, look into a mirror, and say Bloody Mary three times (in some versions the number of times differs) then you will summon the spirit of Mary Worth, a woman who was supposedly executed for being a witch.

2. Another Urban legend that seems to appear in most of the horror movies is the myth of ' The killer in the back seat'. It tells the story of a woman who is driving down a dark road at night only to have a strange car pull up behind her and start flashing its lights. As she takes off on her exit and approaches her home the stranger continues to follow her. She pulls up in her driveway ready to make a mad dash to her front door only to hear the stranger behind her get out of his car and yell to her to lock her door and call 911. Only after the police arrive does she learn that the stranger was actually trying to protect her. In her backseat was a man holding a butcher knife ready to stab her to death. The stranger had noticed his shadowy form and started flashing his lights to get her attention after which the figure slouched back down in the seat.

3. ' Humans lick too ' In what is probably one of the more disturbing urban legends out there a girl is given a dog by her parents to keep her company while they are away. One night she was awakened by a dripping sound. She got up and went to turn off the tap properly after which she came back to bed while letting her hand hang over the edge as the dog licked her fingers. The dripping sound didn’t stop though so this scenario played out several more times with the girl returning to bed and falling asleep with the dog licking her fingers yet again. The final time, however, she decides to try locating where exactly the drip is coming from. She looks around only to find the sound emerging from within her cupboard. She opens it up to find her dog with its neck cut and a note saying “humans can lick too”.

4. ' The Halloween hanging ' Here’s another urban legend that is actually based on several very true stories. In it a boy doing a Halloween play for school accidentally ends up hanging himself from the “fake” gallows.

5. ' Buried Alive ' This one can barely be considered an urban legend considering how often people have been buried alive. In fact, in the past many coffins were even equipped with strings that ran through the ground and were connected to a bell not far away. This way if anyone did happen to be buried alive they could pull the string and get the undertaker’s attention.

6. ' Dead body under the mattress ' This legend tells the story of a couple spending the night in a hotel room that is filled with a foul odor. After a while they can’t take it anymore and call the front office. When the staff arrive they discover the smell is coming from the bed after which they remove the mattress only to find a rotting body beneath it. As crazy as this story sounds, unlike the previous legends on this list, it has actually happened…and more than once.


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