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Eric Clark

I have been a fan of Marilyn Manson since his debut album, "Portrait of an American Family". I have only ever partially understood the controversy and backlash about him. Yes, he puts on a show that is very controversial, but the content of his lyrics have always filled with real issues. I am so tired of people stating how surprised they are when they read or listen to an interview with Mr. Warner. He is a very intelligent and well spoken man. He hits on issues that most people are unaware of or just plain uncomfortable talking about. And therein lies the problem. Also, who cares that he is portraying a Native American in his upcoming film? It angers me that people jump to ridicule before knowing the facts. As stated, Manson is part Native American, so Hollywood did get it right. It is just the misinformed idiots that sound off about him in other forms that are angered about this. It's just the typical hatred that seems to follow him. People are raging about how we have as Americans have dealt the Natives a bad hand; maybe those same people should look at the angers, hate, and fear that have follow Marilyn Manson since he stepped into the public light? Then read his lyrics, because admittedly, the music isn't for everyone. But read his words and realize that what he is saying is the truth of a decent Midwestern born man. Know your facts before you release your hostile opinions.


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