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(Spoilers ahead)

I think everyone has heard by now that John Constantine will be coming to [Arrow Season 4](tag:3446533) and with so many new characters joining, let's not forget the old times when Arrow made us emotional.

Arrow is a serious, live action superhero TV show and it has had its moments when it made us hold on to something while wiping are tears. Whenever it was a death or just a character expressing their emotions, here are some of the times Arrow really pulled at our heartstrings.

1. When Roy asked about Tommy

2. Sara's death

3. Felicity trying to find Oliver inside of Al Sal-Him

4. "They are gone..."

5. That's gotta hurt

6. Thea letting Ollie now that...

7. When we found out about Anna

Bonus: A few laughs...

...And smiles

Don’t forget, Arrow’s fourth season premieres October 7 at 8:00 on The CW.

What time did Arrow make you sad?
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