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Ever since the beginning of advertising, celebrities have been spokespeople for brands. Partly because they're influential human beings that can encourage us to buy the most useless of things, and partly because at the end of the day, they will do anything for that extra dollar.

The following 14 famous faces signed lucrative deals that bizarrely had absolutely NOTHING to do with their public personas. Take a look!

1. Penelope Cruz & her twin sister for Nintendo DS

I bet the gaming giant Nintendo thought it had struck gold when it came up with the idea of engaging Penelope in a bit of sibling rivalry with her twin sister. And then naturally, going all out by suiting her up like Mario, moustache and all.

Because obviously, if you've hooked one of the biggest superstars on the planet, you might as well make her go all out:

2. Ozzy Osbourne for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Yep, the Black Sabbath frontman and fumbly patriarch of a squabbling brood of Osbournes was 'obviously' the go-to choice for faux butter spread. What were they thinking?

3. Kim Kardashian for Charmin

Never one to pass up a promotional opportunity, Kimmy K just couldn't say no when Charmin TOILET PAPER approached her with a deal.

It all sort of makes sense now, doesn't it? Because naturally, only the softest rolls are fit for her famous, enormous derriere.

4. 50 Cent for Vitamin Water

Considering the brand target market is mostly made up of yoga pant-wearing mothers, the rapper is a surprising first choice for company Glaceau to represent Vitamin Water. But yes, it appears when 50 Cent was photographed drinking a bottle, he was immediately approached to represent it.

And to say that he negotiated a sweet deal is an understatement - as his pay included a small percentage of the company itself, when it was sold to Coca Cola for $4.1 billion in 2007, he received a WHOPPING $100 million.

Wow. That's certainly pays for a lot of trips to the Candy Shop.

5. Bob Dylan for Victoria's Secret

No matter how hard we may try, it's impossible to forget Bob Dylan's very creepy cameo in a Victoria's Secret advert.

I mean, WHY is he advertising lady garments and WHY is it happening at all?

6. Helen Mirren for Wii Fit Plus

In 2010, Helen Mirren appeared in a number of commercials for Nintendo Wii Fit Plus. Apparently, the company wanted an older, more attractive woman to show the world that the Wii wasn't just for kids. And considering the Dame was both, she was the perfect choice. Take a look at her being "very modern and young" in the short clip below:

7. Justin Bieber for O.P.I

O.P.I nail polish chose the Biebs to be the face of their brand because of his insane fan-base of young screaming teenage girls. They even paid him $12 million to design the One Less Lonely Girl collection in 2010.

8. Muhammed Ali for Roach Traps

Once upon a time, the heavy-weight champion of the world lent his tough-guy persona to save us all from those pesky roaches. Relive the moment when he pounds the heavy bag, before telling us all "I don' want you livin' wit' roaches! YEAHHH!

I'm so glad he's got our back.

9. Ke$ha for LifeSyles Condoms

Ke$ha's hardly the kind of girl who gives off a clean-cut image of responsibility and hygiene. I mean, c'mon, her claim to fame is a track that tells us how she loves to wake up with a "Bottle of Jack," for goodness sake.

Yet, this didn't avert condom company LifeStyles from making her the spokeswoman for their brand.

10. Mikhail Gorbachev for Pizza Hut

In a bizarre turn of events, the former Soviet Union leader, and General Secretary of the Communist Party, appeared with his granddaughter in a commercial for Pizza Hut promoting no-crust pizzas.

Yes, because what better way to promote the cause of global capitalism than with pizza, right?

11. Bryan Cranston for Preparation H (hemorrhoid cream)

Before Walter White was selling his special meth, clearly he was offering some products of a different nature - hemorrhoid cream, in fact.

Check out the Breaking Bad star pushing Preparation H back in 1988, delivering million-dollar lines such as:

"It accelerates absorption of pure oxygen to help shrink swelling of inflamed hemmorhoidal tissue."

12. Snoop Dogg for Norton Antivirus

In 2010, Norton Antivirus launched a very hip and cool campaign called "Hack Is Wack" and naturally, because Snoop Dogg is evidently down with the kids, he was their spokesperson.

Snoop called on his loyal fans to film themselves rapping about identity theft and computer viruses, uploading all videos on the Hack Is Wack website. The winning vid had the opportunity to come face-to-face NOT with the rapper himself but... wait for it... his management team! WHOA - chance of a lifetime!

13. Eva Longoria for Sheba

Admittedly, watching sex symbol Eva Longoria parading around in her silk gown with her cat isn't a bad thing.

Yet, when amidst her gyrating and furniture stroking she starts to scoop smelly, jellified meat into a bowl in a rather sensual way, that's when we snap back to reality to realize that the purpose of this endorsement is actually CAT FOOD.

14. And then... there was Nicolas Cage!

When Japan pays you a boatload of cash to appear in bizarre commercials, you don't turn it down. So it's no surprise that Cage jumped the gun to endorse something like Sankyo, a maker of Japanese pin ball slot machines.

There are absolutely no words to describe the series of commercials you are about to see:



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