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The American online media streaming service provider, Netflix, would remotely benefit from information technology. Netflix news disclosed that the Californian enterprise would close its last data center in an attempt towards the public cloud. The organization has stated that since some time, it has become 100% cloud-based for client systems and is making a plan to completely end up its data center.

Corporate usage of the cloud, in which service provider’s resources are shared, is on the rise, but many companies still operate sensitive software via private clouds or data centers in which an enterprise has devoted resources from an outside party or in its premises.

Netflix news today exclaimed that a few large companies use a public cloud. Vice president and research director at Forrester Research, Glenn O’Donnell, has stated that 100% cloud utilization is going to be quite rare for big established enterprises. Forrester Research stated that many large organizations are about to conduct cloud-related operations, but have failed to completely shift themselves. Insurance companies and mainstream banks often employ mainframe computers for completing financial transactions.

Netflix breaking news informed that the process to close datacenter was initiated 84 months ago. With respect to IT infrastructure, the North American organization totally relies on Amazon Web services. In 2010, Netflix posted in a blog that cloud systems are idealistic for horizontally escalating architecture.

A management and security products manufacturing company, named BetterCloud’s survey has found out that about 12% of organizations use the cloud technology to perform their IT operations. Nearly all of those companies are medium sized or small enterprises.

After seven years, more than 20% of the large corporations would employ cloud services as a mainstream component. Apart from its cloud service dealers, Netflix also delivers content through internet service providers and third parties to increase the speed at which movies are delivered to clients.

Netflix’s cloud utilization strategy would not only significantly improve its services and threaten the interests of its rivals, but also enable it to capture a larger market share. Its officials should now employ the cloud system in the most effective manner to dominate the corporate world, which is proving to be a battleground for different enterprises.

Netflix is not new to the streaming industry. This implies that it is well aware and well equipped with the technology to support the global streaming demand of its users around the world. Experts are eyeing on the potential consequences to this decision.


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