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In my personal opinion, I feel as though there should be more home invasion films nowadays. The idea of a someone trying to get into your house is something that we all think about when we hear something go bump in the night. It's a primal fear that we all have somewhere inside of us. I decided to make a list of the 7 home invasion films that make me double check my locks before I go to bed.

1. Disturbia

Back when Shia LaBeouf was all about the acting, Disturbia was the movie that my friends would always be talking about. When a teenager is put under house arrest for the summer, he begins spying on the neighbors, but little does he know that his neighbor just might be a cold-blooded killer. I wasn't much into horror movies when it was released, so I wasn't in the loop. Eventually I got around to seeing it and it made me think twice about the single, older men that lived down my street.

2. No Good Deed

Although it didn't impress critics or fans alike, No Good Deed is an average home invasion thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. A lunatic escapes from prison and stumbles upon the house of a woman and her daughter. Quickly things begin to unravel as the escaped convict makes his way into her home, terrorizing her and her family. The story may not be anything crazy or twisted, but it's sure to make sure you think twice before letting a stranger into your home.

3. Vacancy

It's not necessarily a home invasion film, but it does put motels on the creepy scale just as Alfred Hitchcock did with Psycho. The film follows a couple struggling with their relationship and the loss of a child when their car breaks down, forcing them to stay a night at a nearby motel. As the night begins, it becomes apparent that someone is watching them and they just might be the stars of their own snuff film. The worst part about a home invasion is when it's not in your home, making it even more difficult to hide.

4. Torment

This might be one that isn't widely known. The film was released in 2014 and starred Katharine Isabelle from Freddy vs Jason and American Mary. The film begins in a secluded country home when a sadistic family wearing animal masks go on a killing spree. It turns into a night of survival as the owners of the home must fight against the family and claim what was once theirs.

5. Tormented

Don't get this film confused with Torment. The film Tormented was released this year. The film follows a young, bullied teenager as she gets called for a night of babysitting. Much like the film listed above, as the night goes on, three people wearing pig masks torment and invade the home. It's basically When A Stranger Calls minus the calling.

6. You're Next

A family is put to the test when a group of people wearing animal masks invade their country home. A good-old throwback to slasher films from the 70s and 80s, this film creates atmosphere and brutal killings that are sure to surprise many. The story is simple and straightforward, not requiring a whole lot of thought except for who is behind the whole situation.

7. The Strangers

Easily one of the more unnerving movies I've seen, The Strangers follows a young couple on their way back to a vacation home from a wedding. At 3AM, someone knocks on their door, beginning a night of terror and survival, pushing the couple to do things they never thought were possible. The movie has an obvious creep factor that is more suspense driven. Definitely one that will drive you away from getting a vacation home in the woods.


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