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Matt Tallon
...vel properties that they (unfortunately) still own. This latest FF debacle was rushed into production by a studio that doesn't understand their audience, and directed by a numbskull who doesn't understand the material, solely in an attempt to retain the film rights. Now, the studio and the director are pointing fingers at one another like a bunch of children. The worst part of all of this is that Fox still wins, because they have retained those rights. And the box office receipts are an indication that Fox could care less about making films that appeal to the fanbase, all that they seem to care about is retaining those rights. Fox COULD still come out of this on top and even more profitable if they would just make a deal with Marvel Studios in the same manner that Sony did. Then EVERYONE would win: The two studios, the integrity of the characters, and the fans (you know Fox, those people who buy the movie tickets). Fox's attitude toward making these films and retaining these rights is as childish as the studio and Trank The Tank blaming each other for this bomb. The ONLY dim light at the end of the Fox tunnel appears to be Deadpool, and they still have time to mutilate that. Fortunately, they have hired writers and a director who understand the material and their audience, so I do remain hopeful that Fox is finally going to make a film with the fans in mind. Give it/sell it back, or work with Marvel. We want GOOD films AND a unified MCU.


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