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This week has provided a great variety of awesome fan made content to Moviepilot Creators' opinions on this week's movie news. We've absolutely loved reading each and every piece and, as its Friday, the time has come to proudly present our Top 10 Posts By New Creators This Week!

As usual, we'll be rewarding the top ten with more than just words of praise, sending each Creator an awesome thank you gift! Check out the winners below!

Why We Shouldn’t Root For Superhero Movies to Fail by Jonathan Osterman

By now you’ve surely seen one or two not so fantastic reviews of the new Fantastic 4 film. Historically, I feel like superhero films have always been particularly prone to negativity; for some reason they’re just fun to root against. Well, you won’t find any hate here. In this incredibly level headed and insightful article, Jonathan Osterman tells us why we should not root for these movies to fail if we truly want to genre to flourish. Whether you’re for Marvel of DC, we’re all cheering for the same team.

Which Video Game Anti-Hero Are You? by Verry Oaken Ass

The ultimate quiz for those just dying to know what misanthropic gaming icon you are! Take the quiz and let Verry know what you got!

The Evolution of Wonder Woman's Costume (1941-2017) by Hannah Dorn

Over 70 years old and finally getting her own film, Wonder Woman has been through a fair few incarnations - some better accepted than others. This newbie Creator and fan artist has put together all the looks and changes from Wonder Womans illustrious career!

An Action-Packed Revenge Thriller Launching Indiegogo Campaign With New Trailer by Usher Morgan

We love it when fans turn filmakers- and it doesn't get better than this slick, well-shot trailer that promises to put a whole new spin on the revenge thriller. Have a watch and- if you can- support this awesome Creator's project!

Check Out This Awesome Fear The Walking Dead Fan Video! by Anomalous Curiosities

Just because we'll have to wait until August 23rd to enjoy the premiere of "Fear the Walking Dead" doesn't mean our excitement for this new show cannot start RIGHT NOW! Anomalous Films have jumped on the FTWD hype train and created a fan made video, both eerie and fantastic, portraying their take on what the opening credits of this anticipated show could look like! Be sure to check it out!

10 Movies You've Never Seen From The 70s But Need To Watch Now! by Shay Conley

The 70s was a different time, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the amazing, genre defining, state of the art movies it produced. Sure, some of the scenes might seem super corny to the modern eye, but these films are worth an inspirational revisit.

Which Is The Most Badass Fictional Weapon Of All Time?! by Valia

Just like the characters who wield them, fictional weapons have personality. In most cases they are a true extension of their possessor. I mean what would Harry be without his wand? Also, just like real-world weaponry these tools also have their respective strengths, weaknesses and power rankings. Well, one talented artist by the name of Valia has taken it upon herself to illustrate and rank some of the greatest weapons in cinema history. Opening the conversation for which fictional weapon is the greatest of all time.

Why "Red Hood: The Fallen" Could Be the Best DC Fan Film! by Jared Gregory

Whether it's fan art or a fan made film, , if there's one thing we like to celebrate and continue to encourage at Moviepilot, it is creativity. In his article new MP Creator Jared Gregory lists the 3 reasons why "Red Hood: The Fallen" could be one of the best fan made DC films you will ever watch. It might not be the big screen debut fans were hoping for be this film sure does Jason Todd justice!

5 Deadpool Cameos that Should Happen! by Dane Blum

It's all we're talking about these days - Deadpool. "What will it be like?" "Will it be good?". New creator Dane has been asking the question most of us have never thought of! This top list accesses which celebrity fans we'll be seeing take on the merc with a mouth.

8 Fun Facts About The Fantastic 4 by Agent Dorian

We all know and love Reed, Sue, Jonny and Ben, but did you know that Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Storm, Spider-Man AND Ant-Man have also all been members of the Fantastic 4? This super informative video explains it all- and seven other amazing facts about Marvel's first family.

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