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5. The flash- yes this scarlet speedster is a very powerful hero, one of the best. Barry can travel at the speed of light, and will do anything to protect his friends/family. Yes, I'm choosing Barry because he is my favorite variation of the flashnot being bias. His speed and courage are remarkable. This is why he gets a spot at number. 4. Yes , it's aquaman a lot of people think he is a horrible hero but that is rong! He is amazing ecspecily in his new 52 form. Yes now he can control water with his trident and he is a humble warrior. He is very skilled at fighting and is basically immune to bullets and a lot of other attacks because the ocean has a lot of pressure. So this is why he came in at number 4. 3. Night wing the acrobatic martial artist, crime busting vigilante! Dick Grayson once was an acrobat until a thug working for a man named tony zucco cut his parents rope. Batman(a.k.a)mr awesomeness took him in and trained him. Night wing is extremely talented and intelligent and has even dodged bullets and took over the most awesome role as freaking batman!!!!! This is why he gets a spot at number 3. 2. Superman, yeah that one guy who defeated zod and lex Luther and after being rebooted doomsday. His main weakness kryptonite. It's basically lex luthiers cocaine. It's a green mineral found on krypton that one planet that went boom and how does all of the rock get over on earth that thing is light years away i mean there must be a gold mine of that stuff. Anyway he has done amazing things such as defeating doomsday not the first time the second time, the first time doomsday technically but-raped superman. As all heroes were he was rebooted. But he has super strength, super speed freeze breath, super breath, x-Ray vision, laser eyes, and last of all he has the power to drive right through lous's lane if u get what I mean. This is why he's number 2. Number 1. Batman we all know this would be number one. Simple answer he's Batman!!


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