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Well today I watched the film that finally got Martin Scorsese his first directing Oscar which is another film that has been gathering dust on my shelf for no reason. The Departed tells the story of two men, one of them is a cop deep undercover with a crime lord tasked with uncovering the identity of a mole in the police department and the other is the mole tasked with uncovering the identity of the undercover cop. The Departed stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Vera Farmiga, Jack Nicholson, Michael Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Ray Winstone.

There are a lot of positives to this film which include: great story, brilliant plot progression, great acting, excellent uses of foreshadowing and a perfectly sustained tone. The plot of this film is really interesting and while it lacks intrigue because both sides of the story are shown, the way the plot develops meant that I was never bored and always curious to see what happened to the characters. The film takes about 45 mins to actually establish the plot mentioned in the synopsis but all of that 45 mins is filled with great character and world building scenes that aren't boring like other films that start off slow, these scenes are crucial to understanding character's motives. All of the performances in this film are wonderful, everyone gives a convincing performance especially Jack Nicholson who I looked forward to seeing every second he was on the screen; my only issue is that it took like 10 minutes to get used to everyone using a Boston accent (especially Ray Winstone). The tone of this film is dark and gritty which is just how I like a crime thriller but not depressing as it has humour sprinkled throughout the film to add a sense of realism. My last positive is impossible to explain without an example which means that it will be completely spoiler-filled so SPOILER ALERT for anything written in italics. There are some really inventive uses of foreshadowing in this film; the most prominent is that any character that is going to die will appear in a scene with some sort of X in it whether it be a part of the building they are in, on the carpet, on a window or some tape on a lift. This gives an extra dimension to the film showing that all those characters were doomed from the start.

I only have one negative to this film which is extremely minor and that is that some of the transitions between shots feel extremely rough and very jumpy which felt very out of place and took me out of the film for a few brief moments. Overall I really loved this film because of its plot and characters so taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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