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Warning: This article will contain spoilers for those of you who are not fully caught up. So, proceed with caution!

When we last saw Rick and the gang on AMC's mega-popular zombie apocalyptic show, The Walking Dead, Rick himself had just shot Pete dead, after getting the go-ahead from Deanne. Here is the full clip from the season five finale ("Conquer"):

Now, the clip above does not show this, but right after shooting Pete, Rick comes face-to-face with his pal Morgan:

Morgan looks displeased by Rick's actions
Morgan looks displeased by Rick's actions

Just by the expression on Morgan's face, we can tell that he was not in full accordance with what Rick had just done. After all, during the first few minutes of that episode, Morgan had to fight off two people who were threatening him. But instead of killing them, Morgan merely knocked them out, and then locked them inside a car with walkers looming around the area.

According to Morgan, every life is precious, so he may not be so willing to kill people. Rick, as we have seen, feels differently. He cares about his friends and family, but he has become skeptical of everyone else. He is no longer willing to take chances, nor is he willing to trust so easily anymore.

Rick is quickly becoming the de facto leader of the town (Alexandria), and his way to run things may come into conflict with Morgan's way to live. And if the season six trailer is to be fully trusted, it looks like those two compelling characters will be at odds:

However, we should not be too quick to believe everything that the trailer wants us to believe. Remember the season 5 trailer last year? That one had us believe that Rick and the gang were going to team up with Gareth and the rest of his Terminus group. Well, low and behold, we know now that nothing like that ever came close to happening; in fact, Rick just decided to assassinate Gareth inside Father Gabriel's church:

As you can see, trailers can be deceiving. But, it would be very fascinating if Rick and Morgan do fight against one another. On the one hand, you have a guy in Rick who we know is experienced and battle-tested. After all, he has been in numerous near-death situations, and up until now, he has always found a way to stay alive. Granted, most, if not all, of those situations involved Rick and his friends, so he has had plenty of support. And if he continues to be a good and fair leader to his group, the support should continue.

On the other hand, Morgan has been on his own ever since his son was killed by walkers. When Rick encountered Morgan in season three, Morgan was on the brink of committing suicide. If Rick had not convinced him to stay strong and continue fighting, Morgan would have ceased to exist a long time ago. But, Morgan has not only strengthened his mentality, he has also become a true survivor. Unlike Rick, Morgan did not have friends by his side. It remains to be seen whether or not Morgan ever got into any real trouble, the only known incident occurring with those two individuals who threatened to kill him during the opening moments of the season five finale, "Conquer." Thankfully, he was able to win that battle with relative ease.

As a result, Rick may find himself engaged in a war of wills with Morgan when the show returns for its sixth season. Morgan will be a difficult obstacle for Rick to overcome, as he is intelligent, determined, and more cunning than any of us may know. And according to the trailer, it looks like the residents of Alexandria may feel more compelled to side with Morgan, rather than Rick. But again, Rick has faced horrible odds before, and has come out on top each and every single time.


Who would you side with: Rick or Morgan?

Be sure to catch the season 6 premiere October 11th on AMC! Also, let me know in the comments section below what you all are most looking forward to when the show returns.


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