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I love the TV series supernatural and i adore every single character except of Metatron, Iliterally hate him! I also watch many others seri
Aliki Orf

Hey there, yesterday I saw the summer finale of the TV series Pretty Little Liars. For those who doesn't know this show started in 2010 and is about some kind of maniac who calls himself -A, and four girls trying to find out who the hell -A is. The writer of the show Marlene King claimed that we will learn who -A is in the 10nth episode of the 6th season. So was it... When I saw who A is I couldn't believe in what I saw. There were many theories from the fans about this, like maybe it is Melissa Spencer's sister, or Wren, or even someone of the four girls. All the fans felt this agony from the first episode and waited like 5 years for this BIG reveal. However, many of them were disappointed of what they saw.. Even I was shocked and was like Noooo,no way!! When the girls were in the dollhouse Spencer found out that A's name is Charles so we expected a male character to show of but we were wrong..

Yes! You see clearly a female character. She is Charles/Charlotte/ Cece Drake. This young lady was a boy called Charles. We all can see in the 10nth episode that Charles or whoever has psychological problems, caused from her crazy parents. We thought -A can be anyone and suspected every single person, but nobody could even think about a transsexual. I didn't like the reveal so as many of other fans. M.King is just a killjoy..


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