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Being honest, I haven't given this much thought, for quite some time; until I got a notification that someone like what I had said about this guys YouTube video. When I watched the video again, it's below, I found myself jamming back through the games, collecting 'Terminals', and watching Cut Scenes, etc. What I'm rather surprised at is that all the news surrounding Halo 5 is merely glorifying the PVP aspect. There is literally squat about the main story line; aside from a few vague trailers here and there.

Having reached out to a few peeps on HaloWaypoint, I asked the following, "HALO 5: GUARDIANS
- Trying to find some info on the following
> What is the plot to the main campaign?
> Any news on whether or not 343 will have Cortana go from the digital realm to the human realm in Halo?
> Is Jen Taylor doing the mo-cap for Cortana this time around?"

I got the following responses

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This interesting because we first see Locke in one cut scene from Halo 2, then nothing after that. Is this some sort of fan bait or what?

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This is an interesting take, and props to 'd The Doctor b' for being counterproductive to his own attempt at being nefarious. Even Gotham Rises thought his take was interesting, lol.

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Here's the video by Reno Gregory, on YouTube.

Reno seems to have done his homework and the credit goes to him for the inspiration of this article. Personally, I'd love to see this type of character twist. I still stand on what I said when I first watched this, "Love the idea! This is well thought out, in my opinion. It could be that Cortana is brought back, comes back as an 'abomination' and the game revolves around John and Halsey work to find a way to revert her back to either her digital form or human form. Personally, I love the thought and concept of Cortana becoming human, everything seems to point in that direction. She was always John's anchor and bridge to his humanity. Secondly, I wish they would cast Jen Taylor for the motion capture of Cortana since she already does the voice. (apparently they used someone else for the motion capture in halo 4)."

While some would say that it doesn't matter who does the mo cap, I honestly agree to disagree and I offer Ang Lee's Hulk as supportive evidence. He was roasted over the fact that he, being the director, did the mo cap and everyone agreed that Eric Banna, the actor, should have done it. In fact, this was one of the conditions that Edward Norton was adamant about when he did the 2008 Incredible Hulk, and the payoff was clearly evident! Enough of that though.


Cast your vote below: Human Cortana (Portrayed by the voice actress Jen Taylor) or digital Cortana?


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